Neuro Ball

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The Neuro Ball can be used as a release ball to roll under your feet, in the palms of your hands or over your calves. You can also split the ball into two dome shapes for a stationary tool that gives you more control over pressure and static holds while specifically targeting an area like the sole of your foot. You can also use the bonus RAD Micro Round to further target hard-to-reach areas between the small bones of your feet and hands for a comprehensive, multi-treatment approach to giving yourself the best care and maximum relief. 

Naboso's patent-pending technology covers the surface of the Neuro Ball for enhanced sensory stimulation.

Split it in two for stationary exercises that let you work both feet simultaneously or use it for rolling techniques all over the body. Bonus, inside the Neuro Ball is a firm Micro Round for detail work.

With so many nerves in your hands and feet finding the right density balance is critical. The Neuro Ball is firm enough to be effective, soft enough to be comfortable.

  • 2.6 inch diameter
  • 5.6 ounches

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Naboso Splay

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Complete your Naboso Experience with Naboso Splay - toe separators designed to reconnect and recover natural foot shape and optimize movement.

Naboso Splay works to realign toe position and restore overall foot shape. By stretching the small muscles of the toes, Splay toe separators help to improve balance, stability, gait and posture.

Can be used in combination with any of the Naboso Insoles to enhance overall foot function and movement.

Includes: One pair of toe separators, small carrying bag + video series with programming.

*One size fits all foot sizes*


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Recovery Kit

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Rethink the way you recover with the all-new Foot Recovery Kit by Naboso®.

From morning to evening, easily integrate their top three products in your healthy foot program.

Recovery Kit includes:

  • 1 Pair of Naboso® Activation Insoles
  • 1 Pair of Naboso® Splay
  • 1 Neuro Ball
  • Video series to support use of Foot Recovery Kit

Sensory Sticks

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Hands, meet Naboso!   Get ready to bring the power of Naboso textured stimulation from the feet to the palm of your hands.    

At 2 lbs each, the Naboso Sensory Sticks combine texture and weight for an instant brain body connection.   Use them to enhance your grip, to challenge your workout or to release foot and hand stiffness. 

Includes:   A set of 2 Sensory Sticks + 3 workouts designed to strengthen and tone the shoulders core and feet.